Meiji Jingu (Shinto shrine) Autumn Grand Festival

Harajuku, a place where many young people gather.
Meiji Jingu (Shinto shrine) is located next to Harajuku area and dedicated to the Emperor and the Empress Meiji.

November 3rd is the most important day for the Shrine, because it is the birthday of the Emperor.
Many events will be held between November 1st and 3rd.

For example, Noh, Yabusame and so on.
 ※Noh: A major form of classical Japanese musical drama.
 ※Yabusame: A type of archery the archer on a running horse shoots special arrows.

Meiji Jingu is right off the Tokyo Metro 「Meiji-jingumae」station or JR「Harajuku」station.
Let's spend a fresh autumn day in the oasis of Tokyo!

If you want to know more information, please visit official homepage.

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