Room Information

Free Internet Access

All of our guest rooms include free wireless and wired high-speed internet access and USB charging ports.

Coin Operated PC

Coin operated PC and a printer are available at lobby.

100 yen / 10 min

Complimentary Mineral Water

Available at lobby for our guests. Please help yourself during your stay at Hotel Asia Center of Japan.

Vending Machines

Soft drinks, Alcohols and Cup Noodles, (2nd floor in Main Building)
Cigarettes (in Lobby)

Ice Machine

Located at first floor.

Coin Operated Laundry

Washing&Dryer : 600 yen / one load (Up to 3kg)
Washing&Dryer : 500 yen / one load (Up to 1kg)
Washing : 300yen / 35 mins (Up to 6kg)
Dryer : 100 yen / 30 mins


English newspaper "The Japan Times" is available at front desk.

Sunday : 280 yen / paper
Otherdays : 230 yen / paper

Video On Demand (VOD)

Over 200 on demand programs can be viewed in our guest rooms. VOD service card can be purchased on every floor.

1,000 yen / card

Car Park

We have up to 13 car parks on the basement. Please note that they are unbookable.

Guests : 1,500 yen / stay(night)
General : 330 yen / 12 mins


Our hotel is equipped with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for medical situations as needed.

Rental Bike

Please chek the link below for details.

Rental Bike

Umbrella (For sale)

Price : 300 yen

Smoking Area

Smoking area is at the cortyard on the lobby floor.
it is open 24 hours and please keep quiet at night.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

Monday – Saturday (Closed Sunday and Holiday)
Drop at Front Desk by 9am.,
will be ready by 7pm.(Fee based service)

FAX and Photocopying Service

Photocopy (Black and White) :
20 yen per page
FAX (Domestic and Overseas) :
160 yen + communication fee


【Service hours】
11:00 – 28:00
Body Care : 4,320 yen / 40 mins
Aroma treatment : 7,000 yen / 40 mins
Stretch : 4,800 yen / 40 mins

  • ※Please choose male or female masseur.
  • ※There are 60 mins course and 80 mins course beside 40 mins course.

Delivery Service

Domestic only.
For more information, please ask at front desk.

TEL : +81-3-3402-6111

  • Night Wear(Yukata / Obi)

    Night Wear
    (Yukata / Obi)

  • Towels(Bathtowel / Handtowel / Washcloth)

    (Bathtowel / Handtowel / Washcloth)

  • Disposal Slippers

    Disposal Slippers

  • Television


  • Air-Conditioner


  • Refrigerator


  • Humidification

    Air Cleaner

  • Phone


  • Electric Kettle

    Electric Kettle

  • Desk Light

    Desk Light

  • Hair Dryer

    Hair Dryer

  • Multifunction Toilet

    Multifunction Toilet

  • Shampoo & Hair conditioner

    Shampoo & Hair conditioner

  • Body Soap

    Body Soap

  • Face & Hand Foam

    Face & Hand Foam

  • Melamine Cup

    Melamine Cup

  • Writing Desk & Chair

    Writing Desk & Chair

  • Clock


  • Cup & Powdered Tea

    Cup & Powdered Tea

  • LAN Cable

    LAN Cable

  • TV Remote Control

    TV Remote Control

  • Information Book

    Information Book

  • Laundry Bag & Sheet

    Laundry Bag & Sheet

  • Desk Top Mirror

    Desk Top Mirror

  • Memo Pad & Pen

    Memo Pad & Pen

  • Standing Light

    Standing Light

  • Shoehorn


  • Shoe Cleaning Paper

    Shoe Cleaning Paper

  • Hangers


  • Clothes Brush

    Clothes Brush

  • Deodorizing Spray

    Deodorizing Spray

  • Tooth Brush & Paste(Pink/White/Blue)

    Tooth Brush & Paste

  • Wash Towel

    Wash Towel

  • Razor


  • Shower Cap

    Shower Cap

  • Hair Brush

    Hair Brush

  • Cotton Swab

    Cotton Swab

  • Hair Band

    Hair Band

  • Cotton Set

    Cotton Set

  • ※These amenities are NOT in the rooms.
  • ※Please feel free to take the items from the box in lobby if you need them.
  • Conversion Adaptor(With 1,000JPY Deposit)

    Conversion Adaptor
    (With 1,000JPY Deposit)

  • Cellphone Charger

    Cellphone Charger

  • Iron & Ironing Board

    Iron & Ironing Board

  • Trouser Press

    Trouser Press

  • Sewing Kit

    Sewing Kit

  • Blanket


  • Electric Heater

    Electric Heater

  • Clinical Thermometer

    Clinical Thermometer

  • Nail Clipper

    Nail Clipper

  • Stand Light

    Stand Light

  • Scale


  • Luggage Cart

    Luggage Cart

  • Bottle Opener

    Bottle Opener

  • Paper Plate

    Paper Plate

  • Paper Cup

    Paper Cup

  • Plastic Cutlery

    Plastic Cutlery

  • Mask


  • Band Aid

    Band Aid

  • Stationery(Pen/Stickglue/Eraser/Scissors/Scotchtape/Stapler/Correctiontape/etc.)


  • ※Please note that there are limited numbers of items.


Cancellation Policy

One day prior to Accommodation day 50%
Accommodation day 100%
No Show 100%
General Terms in English