Join a FREE Origami Workshop in Hotel Asia Center of Japan!!

We are planning to open Free Origami Workshop on January 28th 2018.
It is Free workshop and it is open to public so please feel free to participate.

We will prepare some special gifts to all pertisipators after the workshop.
We will promise this workshop will be one of the most memorable event for you!

Please contact us anytime for further information.

What is ORIGAMI ??

“ORI” 「折」 means Fold ,  “GAMI” 「紙」 means Paper.
Origami has become a common art hobby for people in the early
century of Edo 江戸 era.  Since then, people have developed many
ways of making Origami in different shapes as art.
For these days, Origami is taught to children as an educational
content, and it is also popular to many people for brain training
as well as for prevention from aging.

Special Lecturer 
We will invite a certified instructor Mr. Terumasa Kutsuna from Japan Origami Association.
Mr. Kutsuna will be lecturering how to fold Origami in English and will demonstrate how Origami is an enjoyable hobby!

On January 28th, Mr. Kutsuna will demonstrate you how to fold these Origamis below.

★ NINJA (Mysterious and cute Origami)

★ Paper Box (Useful shape in Origami)

★ Crane (most popular Origami in Japan)

All these Origami shapes are quite fun to fold and easy to remember.
Once you rememeber how to fold, these would be a nice gift to your family or friends.

Please do not miss this chance!!! 
Free Origami Workshop :  January 28th 2018