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  • Shibuya/Harajyuku/Omotesando


    These places are well-known as the beginning point of Japanese youth fashion culture. Omotesando-hills, Takeshita-Dori, Shibuya109 and many other fashion boutiques are in this very substantial area. The Japanese zelkova trees at Omotesando are lighting up in December.

  • Ginza


    Ginza is very famous as shopping area. Japanese traditional department stores and many world’s top brand boutiques are standing side by side. Ginza Yonchome Intersection is famous sight with the symbolic architecture Wako Clock Tower.

  • Akihabara


    Akihabara is famous as electronic city. You can find most of electric supplies in there.
    It is also as know for a sacred place for Otaku (people who strongly obsessed by Anime and Manga).

  • Shinjyuku


    More than 3.5 million people use Shinjuku station for everyday. Department stores and Kabukicho (Entertainment district) are attract visitors. "Golden Street" has over 200 bars in tiny area, and it could be the best place for bar hopping.

  • Asakusa


    This is one of must visit place when you come to Tokyo. Sensoji temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and its Kaminarimon gate with huge lantern is very famouse. From the gate to the temple is shopping street. This should be the best place to buy Japanese souvenir.

  • Meiji Jingu

    Meiji Jingu

    This Shinto shrine, founded in 1920, is the place Meiji Emperor and Empress are enshrined. The shrine is surrounded by more than 170,000 trees of 234 different spices. This peace and calm shrine is visited by most number of worshippers in new year season.

  • 両国国技館


    Ryogoku Kokugikan is the main stadium for sumo wrestling (national sport of Japan). There are sumo tournaments on January, May, and September. The Sumo Museum, 1st floor of the stadium building, is also very popular.
    Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum is next to the sumo stadium. It exhibits various models and many documents about history and culture of Tokyo.

  • Kabukiza


    Kabukiza is the only Kabuki theater in the world opened in 1889. The theater inherits Japanese traditional culture after four times reconstruction. Its appearance, designed by Kengo Kuma, represents long history and traditions of Kabuki. The Kabukiza Gallery in Kabukiza Tower is also popular for the visitors to have experience the world of Kabuki.

  • Tsukiji


    There was the biggest wholesale market in the world. The market itself moved to Toyosu(豊洲) for 2020 Tokyo Olympic. However, the many restaurants right outside of the market are still there. It is still one of the attractive tourist spots.

  • Imperial Palace

    Imperial Palace

    Imperial Palace is built the remains of Edo castle where Tokugawa shogunate existed. Part of the site is opened to the public and "Nijubashi bridge" is very famouse. People are able to visit and see the imperial family greeting on Emperor's birthday and January 2nd.

  • Tokyo Tower

    Tokyo Tower

    The symbol of Tokyo built in 1958. It is also known as symbol of "Japanese post-war economic miracle". 333 meter hight tower has two levels of observatory decks (150meter/250meter). The senary from the decks will capture your heart.

  • Tokyo Sky-tree

    Tokyo Sky-tree

    This is the new symbol of Tokyo since 2012. 634 meter from the ground and also has two observatory decks (350meter/450meter). The tower is surounded by complex of shopping mall, aquarium, and planetarium. Tokyo Sky Tree is becoming new tourist spot of Tokyo.

  • Tocho (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

    (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

    There are two observatory decks on north and south tower. They are 202 meters above the ground and admission is free of charge. Tokyo Tourist Information Center is also in the building.

  • Shibuya


    The Shibuya crossing is a symbol of Shibuya.
    A lot of people flood into the busiest crossing in the world everyday.

◆Nearby Attractions

  • Tokyo Midtown

    Tokyo Midtown

    (10mins on foot)

    This composite urban building features stores, restaurants, hotel and museums. Supermarket on basement floor is very handy for its open 24 hours.

  • Roppongi Hills

    Roppongi Hills

    (20mins on foot)

    Composite urban building features stores, restaurants, movie theater and museum. The viewing platform on roof top gives you an astonishingly beautiful view city of Tokyo.

  • The National Art Center, Tokyo

    The National Art Center, Tokyo

    (10mins on foot)

    Unique and innovative art exhibition facility holds 14,000 square meters exhibition space.

  • Nogi Shrine

    Nogi Shrine

    (10mins on foot)

    The historical shrine, since 1923, enshrines General Nogi and his wife. They took an oath of allegiance to Meiji Emperor by giving up their lives.

  • Aoyama Cemetary

    Aoyama Cemetary

    (10mins on foot)

    Past Prime minister, Hachiko (the dog), and other famous people are resting in very historical cemetery.
    Many glorious cherry-blossoms bloom in Spring.

  • Gaien


    (15mins on foot)

    The straight street to Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery is a famous sight of Tokyo. The row of Ginkgo trees turn to yellow in fall and become more attractive.

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

    Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

    (10mins on foot)

    This gymnasium was used last Tokyo olympic 1964. Swimming pool and training room open their doors for everyone.

  • Meijijingu Stadium

    Meijijingu Stadium

    (20mins on foot)

    Home of "Swallows" the Japanese professional baseball team. In the summer, there is a fireworks festival: set off 10,000 fireworks.

  • HONDA Welcome Plaza

    HONDA Welcome Plaza

    (5mins on foot)

    This is at the 1st floor of Honda head quarter building. You can meet not only newest Honda cars, but the humanoid robot "ASIMO".

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