Privacy Policy

  1. 1. In regards to the collection of personal information

    The Center may ask the customer to provide personal information when the customer wishes to access our services through the website or utilize our hotel reservation system, etc. As a rule, the Company will not collect the customer's personal information without the consent of the customer. However, please be advised that if the customer does not consent to providing their personal information, there are certain services, etc., that the customer will not be able to access.

  2. 2. In regards to the usage of the customer’s personal information

    (1)The extent to which personal information shall be used

    The following is an explanation of the purpose for which the customer’s personal information shall be used by the Company. If a situation arises in which the need to use the personal information goes beyond the purposes listed below, we will only use the information after obtaining prior consent or approval, and the customer shall also be notified after the fact.

    1. 1. As basic data to operate the reservation function on the web
    2. 2. When replying to customer inquiries
    3. 3. When sending a rejection notice or inquiry in regards to a request made by the customer
    4. 4. When sending an inquiry or confirmation notice in regards to reservations, cancellations or no-shows
    5. 5. In order to check the customer’s usage history and in order to process totals or statistic to improve service
    6. 6. In order to transmit or send the Company’s products and services by email, fax or postal mail
    7. 7. In order to provide outsourced companies, such as when courier services are utilized, with the customer’s address

    (2)Providing personal information to third parties

    The personal information which the Company collects from the customer shall never be disclosed to third parties except in the following cases:

    1. 1. When we obtain prior consent or approval from the customer
    2. 2. When payment or documents are necessary such as when fee-based services, etc are utilized
    3. 3. When responding to customer inquiries and in order to provide after-sales services for our products and services
    4. 4. When we are required by law or official body to provide the information
  3. 3. Observance of laws and other regulations

    The Company shall observe the laws and regulations in regards to the protection of personal information when carrying out business that requires the collecting, utilizing or providing of appropriate personal information.

  4. 4. The Company shall implement appropriate security measures in accordance with company regulations to ensure the protection of personal information against improper access, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage.

  5. 5. Revision of the Privacy Policy

    The Company may occasionally make revisions to the Privacy Policy.
    In such an event, notification will be given via this site, so please check the site occasionally for new information. Please be advised that the Company cannot assume any responsibility for any problems etc. that may arise from the customer's failure to check the site for new information.

  6. Privacy Officer

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